Geo Awareness Week: it’s not about rocks

Nov 19, 2015

MSU professor Elizabeth Mack talks with Current State’s Peter Whorf about the common misperceptions regarding the study of geography. That’s right, it’s Geography Awareness week here in Mid-Michigan and across the map!

Elizabeth Mack is an assistant professor of Geography at MSU.
Credit Courtesy photo / MSU Department of Geography

Geography Awareness was created by Presidential Proclamation during the Reagan administration  to help young Americans better understand their roles as global citizens. Michigan State University plays the lead role in GeoWeek in Mid-Michigan, and Current State also presents several discussions on WKAR related to geographic awareness in a week-long series.

Today, MSU assistant professor Elizabeth Mack weighs in on how the field of Geography is commonly misunderstood and why we’re taking this week to try and understand more.