Gettysburg 150th: Michigan's role in the Civil War Part 1

Jul 1, 2013


The 21st Michigan Infantry.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

This week marks the 150th anniversary of the turning point of the American Civil War: the Battle of Gettysburg.

During this week in 1863, Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s all-out attempt to invade the North was turned down by the Army of the Potomac led by Union General George Meade.

The battle ended with more than 50,000 killed and wounded. Michigan men suffered 40 percent casualties. Gettysburg sent the South on the road to its 1865 surrender.

This week, WKAR presents a three part series remembering the Battle of Gettysburg and Michigan’s role in the War Between the States.

In part one, Current State's Peter Whorf joins MSU history Professor Roger Rosentreter at the MSU Museum to view and discuss the exhibit, "Michigan in the Civil War."