GOP candidates make closing arguments in MI GOP race

Feb 27, 2012

Republican presidential candidates will be criss-crossing Michigan. GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul all have Michigan campaign stops planned. And there is no let-up expected in campaign advertising.

This has largely been what’s called a “contrast” campaign, which is a euphemism for attacking one’s opponents.

Bobby Schostak is the Michigan Republican chairman. He says Republicans don’t simply want someone who can beat President Obama in November.

“The message that they’ve got to leave with Michigan people is, I’ve got solutions for this economy; I’ve got solutions for a manufacturing state rebound; I have a solution for joblessness,” Schostak says.

That said, Schostak expects Republicans will unite behind whoever winds up with the nomination. And he predicts Michigan will be a competitive state come November. Michigan has not gone with a Republican presidential candidate in the general election since 1988.