Gov says Agreement Retains Detroit Officials' Influence

Mar 13, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says a controversial plan to prevent the appointment of an emergency manager for the city of Detroit allows current city officials to play a significant role in their financial recovery. 

The administration disclosed details of a proposed consent agreement with city leaders on Tuesday.  The plan involving the state and the city is expected to include cutting some services and privatizing others.  

After seeing a draft proposal on Monday, several Detroit officials voiced concerns over a proposal to form a financial advisory board. 

But Governor Snyder defends that approach.

"The city council and the mayor have significant input on who goes on that board," he says. "In terms of the appointed people, the mayor's part of the process for the appointment process for those people. And then you look at the roles, it doesn't affect the strategy or policy.  It talks about financial oversight and implementation."

A 10 member review team was scheduled to hold a public meeting about the consent agreement Tuesday afternoon. Detroit currently faces a $197-million budget deficit.