Governor says Legislature still has long way to go

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm says the Legislature still has a lot of work to do as she readies her pen to veto parts of budgets sent to her last week.

Governor Granholm says she will meticulously review budgets before making her decisions on what to sign and what to veto. But she says there's a lot that she finds unacceptable. This is from her radio address that aired over the weekend.

"While I do my job, the Legislature must do its job. This budget is flawed, and the Legislature needs to resume working on it with the urgency and honesty it requires," Granholm says.

Granholm says the budgets would cut too deeply into vital services, and would hurt economic growth. Meanwhile the Legislature has to reach an agreement on the K-12 schools budget.

Both Governor Granholm and many Democratic lawmakers say it's time to start talking about new revenue.