Governor, Senate And House Not On Same Page With Driver Responsibility Fees

Oct 19, 2017

The state House, Senate and the governor might be headed for a showdown. Each entity has a different idea for how to handle outstanding Driver Responsibility Fees. Michigan Public Radio’s Cheyna Roth has more.

The state House and Senate originally both had plans to get rid of the fee, and forgive all drivers of that debt.

But the governor’s administration isn’t on board. The fee generates tens of millions of dollars for the budget.

Now the Senate has a new plan – it would forgive outstanding fees that are six years old or older. The rest would then eventually be phased out.

Senator Dave Hildenbrand is a bill sponsor.

“I think a lot of us as we looked at it a little bit more a phase out is probably more fiscally responsible than forgiving everything." Says Hildenbrand.

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard isn’t convinced. He says he wants full forgiveness.