Governor Snyder Says Michigan’s Rank Improving for Business

Feb 13, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says Michigan’s national ranking for business climate is dramatically improved.

Snyder says the elimination of the Michigan Business Tax in favor of an income tax on large corporations made Michigan one of the best places to do business. 

Governor Snyder told members of the Detroit Economic Club that a preliminary review of states’ corporate taxes by The Tax Foundation in Washington D.C. showed Michigan has a much better ranking than just a year ago.

“We were ranked 49th in the country for our corporate tax system," he says. "They’re preliminary ranking has us moving to 7th. That is reinvention.”

But Snyder says Michigan’s national ranking for K-12 education is not good and not acceptable. However, Snyder says simply spending more money on schools is not going to solve that problem. 

Meanwhile Democrats say budget cuts pushed by Snyder and Republicans at the state Capitol are making it harder for students to succeed in Michigan.