Great Lakes Month in Review: EPA late to intervene in Flint?

Oct 25, 2016

Credit NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr Creative Commons

Did the EPA drop the ball by delaying an emergency order in the Flint water crisis? A report from the U.S. Inspector General says it did. We review the story with Current State’s Great Lakes reporter-commentator Gary Wilson.

At the end of every month, Current State revisits environmental developments that have made the news.

In October, we learned more about the EPA’s investigation into the Flint water crisis. In this interim report, the U.S. Inspector General said EPA "had authority and sufficient information to issue an emergency order protecting Flint residents from lead contaminated water as early as June, 2015." The EPA did not intervene until January of 2016.

Great Lakes journalist and Current State contributor Gary Wilson joins us from Chicago to break this down.

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