Gude’s nudes: MSU prof’s coloring book for adults

Dec 14, 2015

Karl Gude is Graphics Editor in Residence in the MSU School of Journalism. You might know him from a humorous instructional YouTube video on how to draw a butt. Current State’s Scott Pohl talks with Karl Gude about  his latest project, a coloring book for grownups called “Nude.”

MSU School of Journalism Graphics Artist in Residence Karl Gude made a name for himself a couple of years ago with a YouTube video called “How to draw great butts with just five lines.” Nudity seems to be a specialty for Gude.

Current State’s Scott Pohl talked with him about his latest project. It’s a coloring book called, simply, “Nude.” Coloring books for grownups have been exploding in popularity, and Gude’s coloring book has beautiful images for you to color, though some people might want to keep it away from their kids.