Haslett man marks 25th anniversary of world Scrabble championship

Sep 6, 2016

Peter Morris of Haslett is well known as a baseball historian, but he has another passion: Scrabble. This month marks the 25th anniversary of his victory in the first-ever world Scrabble championships. He talks with Current State’s Scott Pohl about the game he loves.

Baseball fans know Peter Morris of Haslett as one of the game’s great historians, but there’s another game he loves: Scrabble. In 1991, he won the first-ever world Scrabble championships. On Thursday, the silver anniversary of his win will be marked in Lansing.

Current State’s Scott Pohl talks with Peter Morris about his time as the greatest Scrabble player in the world. They also played a game of Scrabble in WKAR's Studio S.