Help Addicts & The Environment By Taking Part in "Prescription Drug Take Back Day"

Apr 27, 2017

Doctors and police urge to dispose of old medicine on Drug Take Back Day on Saturday. 

You're asked to help the environment and addicts on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, this Saturday, April 29. 

Dr. Brad Uren of the University of Michigan's Emergency Medicine unit said getting rid of the drugs helps addicts avoid temptation.

"Over 70 percent of people that report becoming addicted to powerful prescription opioids or using even using things like heroin often report their first beginnings of non medical use of abuse of prescription drugs begins at the home of a friend or relative," said Dr. Uren.

Dr. Uren also said flushing old medicine down the toilet is a bad idea for two reasons.

“In some cases, in some jurisdictions that may be illegal," said Dr. Uren.

"In some jurisdictions those medications, antibiotics, for example have the potential to disrupt the ecosystem by killing off bacteria or other animals that are living in fragile wetlands.”


Michigan State Police, 7119 North Canal Road, Lansing

Grand Ledge Police Department, 310 Greenwood, Grand Ledge

Perry Police Department, 203 West Polly Street, Perry

Owosso Police Department, 202 South Water Street, Owosso