Holy Smoke: Cannabis church forms in Lansing

Jun 28, 2016

On Sunday, a new church held its first public meeting in Lansing. The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason is an agnostic group of followers bound together by their common enjoyment of marijuana. Current State’s Kevin Lavery takes us inside.

Marijuana has been legal for medical use in Michigan since 2008, but in those eight years, many local municipalities have struggled to craft laws to govern the booming dispensary industry. In Lansing, the city council is working on a new ordinance it hopes to review in about three weeks.

There’s also an effort underway to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Michigan. The group MI Legalize is trying to put a measure on the November ballot. That project seems stalled, however, as state election officials say the group has not collected enough valid signatures.

In the meantime, a unique development has occurred in Lansing. Current State’s Kevin Lavery attended the first service of the brand new First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason. They want to promote a message that marijuana has many benefits, and they’re hoping to overturn negative opinions about it in the community.