Homeless EMU student inspires community outpouring

Jan 25, 2016

College is hard enough already, but imagine trying to get your degree while worrying about things like your next meal and where you’re going to sleep. That was the reality for EMU student Ramone Williams until the community pulled together to support him. We talk to Williams and the woman who created the campaign to help him out, Victoria-Burton Harris.

Getting a college degree requires a lot of hard work and discipline, but for Eastern Michigan University student Ramone Williams, it has required even more. Williams was homeless while pursuing his degree and wasn’t always sure about his next meal or where he would sleep.

When Bridge Magazine did a story about him, attorney Victoria Burton-Harris, who also works with homeless youth at Covenant House in Detroit, read the story and started a GoFundMe account for Williams.

Current State talks with Ramone Williams and Victoria Burton-Harris about going from living with roommates to not having a place to live.