How do the media shape perceptions of climate change?

Nov 12, 2014

Bruno Takahashi

Warnings about the climate change have gotten increasingly dire over the past decade. In its latest report, released earlier this month, the International Panel on Climate Change says mitigating the effects of global warming will require immediate action. But while a majority of Americans believe climate change is happening, most don’t think it will have an impact during their lifetime, and some think that’s why belief hasn’t necessarily translated into political will. The scientific community continues to push for action.

But what responsibility does the media have in convincing the public of the risks posed by climate change?

Current State speaks with Bruno Takahashi, assistant professor in environmental journalism and communication at Michigan State University. He will be talking more about his research on climate change in the media today at 3:30 in the MSU Union as part of a roundtable hosted by MSU’s Environmental Science and Policy Program.