‘How To Halloween’ DIY event back in Lansing

Oct 12, 2016

Making your own decorations will be a focus at How To Halloween in Lansing this weekend.
Credit Courtesy photo / How To Halloween

Do you love Halloween but hate the sticker shock of elaborate costumes and decor?  Why not try a do-it-yourself approach? We talk with Steve Sneed, co-founder of How To Halloween, a family friendly event this weekend at the Lansing Center.

Halloween is a booming retail business in America. Every October, all sorts of seasonal stores rise up out of the proverbial pumpkin patch with an assortment of masks, costumes and Gothic horror decor. Sometimes, just seeing the price tag at the cash register is enough to give you the spooks. Is there a less expensive alternative? Actually, yes.

A homemade halloween is hardly a new concept. An upcoming event in Lansing aims to help do-it-yourselfers learn the science of scare. Now in its third year, How To Halloween will be held this weekend at the Lansing Center.

Current State talks with How To Halloween co-founder Steve Sneed and his son, Zach. They’ve turned Halloween into an annual engineering project.