ICYMI: Current Sports | 3/25/16 | #667

Mar 30, 2016

Sweet Sixteen, High School Boys Basketball Wrap-Up, NFL Concussion Cover-Up, Dale Beard, Reflection Friday, and Callers.

Credit Kimberly P. Mitchell / Detroit Free Press

On last Friday's show, Al and engineer Isaac Constans have a way to close the week. Michigan high school boys basketball semifinals are in the middle of action, so the two discuss all the happenings and what to expect in the championships this weekend. Just one level up, the conclusion of the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen is also brought to the air. And as it's Friday, the show contains the customary 'Reflection Friday' right after a Current Sports TV Rewind is rerun featuring Dale Beard, assistant coach for the Lansing Everett boys' basketball team and Magic Johnson's former teammate.