Ingham County Fire Departments Ban Open Fires

Jul 11, 2018

Several fire departments in Ingham County are saying no to summer bonfires through the next few days. 


People living in Delhi Charter, Meridian, Alaiedon, Leslie, Williamston, Wheatfield, Locke and Leroy Townships along with the city of Leslie, aren’t allowed to openly burn anything while the hot weather and lack of rain continue.


Delhi Charter Township Assistant Fire Chief Brad Drury says in the dry heat, fires can easily get out of control.


“These are they type of conditions that it can very easily get away from someone if the fire breaks containment and it can spread very quickly, faster than a home owner can usually try to put the fire out,” Drury said.


Drury also cautions smokers to make sure their butts are completely out when disposing of them. The ban will be lifted after the area receives significant rainfall.