James Moore Tackles O.J. Simpson On The S.W.A.P. Meet

Jul 21, 2017

James Moore, former Spartan fullback, is used to offense, but today he's on defense, as O.J. Simpson made parole.

Simpson, the famous Heisman winner turned convict, is going free after nine years spent in a Nevada prison for kidnapping and armed robbery. With that news breaking, James and Isaac Constans, host of today, found nothing more fitting to send a message.

Credit s_falkow / flickr creative commons

While he is still one of the most divisive figures in sports, Simpson is analyzed by James. Isaac reminds listeners that love him or hate him, he's going to be a free man. It's about moving on.

James hopes that Simpson can be an example to young people today and speak from a platform of indemnification. Furthermore, he can teach the lessons that adults, like kids, cannot afford to be too prideful to seek help and affect positive change.

However, one statement stays on their mind from the parole hearing, drawing the question of "Can O.J. assume the role of mentor?"

James lays out his plan for how an early release could be good news if Simpson does it right.