Jobless rate again posts slight drop to 14.7%

Michigan's unemployment dropped very slightly in November to 14.7%. That's the second month in a row that the nation's highest jobless rate has posted a slight decline.

There were 20,000 fewer unemployed jobseekers in Michigan last month.

Michigan's unemployment rate has remained stable since June - hovering at around 15%. That's after the state suffered staggering job losses in the first half of the year. When underemployed and people who've quit looking for work are counted, the rate is about 21%.

Bruce Weaver is with the state Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth.

"In November, job losses continued in the retail and manufacturing sectors, although there were some job gains in the temporary help industry," he says.

And that could be a small, hopeful sign for jobseekers that employers are starting to gain confidence a recovery is near -- even if they're not ready to commit to permanently hiring new workers.