Kathie Klages steps down as MSU gymnastics coach

Feb 14, 2017

After 27 years as a Michigan State University gymnastics coach, Kathie Klages has decided to retire. Klages was suspended by the university yesterday in the midst of a sexual assault investigation related to former team doctor Larry Nassar. 

Statement from Shirlee M. Bobryk (Legal Counsel for Kathie Klages)

"Like many others, MSU gymnastics coach, Kathie Klages, is deeply disturbed by the recent allegations and lawsuits brought against Dr. Larry Nassar, Michigan State University, and others. Dr. Nassar was trusted by Ms. Klages to completely and ethically treat her team members. Had she ever received any information to cast doubt on the appropriateness of that trust in Dr. Nassar, she would have reacted immediately to protect her gymnast." 

Court documents allege that Klages downplayed athlete concerns with medical treatment performed by Dr. Nassar.