Key lawmaker explains options on Detroit schools

Apr 1, 2016

When Michigan legislators return from a Spring break, they’ll continue discussions on a financial rescue of the beleaguered Detroit Public Schools. The state Senate and House have differing proposals. We talk with a key figure in the Senate measure, Republican Goeff Hansen, about what lies ahead.

Sen. Goeff Hansen
Credit Courtesy photo / Sen. Goeff Hansen

Michigan legislators continue working on different plans to stabilize the beleaguered Detroit Public Schools. Separate proposals in the House and the Senate both aim to pay off DPS’s $715-million debt and restore stability to the district, but differences remain.

Republican Sen. Goeff Hansen of Hart played a leading role in crafting the Senate measures that passed the chamber last week. He chairs the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on K-through-12 School Aid and Education. He’s also said he’s open to replacing the recently adopted M-STEP assessment in Michigan.  The first M-STEP test was administered just a year ago.

We talk with Sen. Hansen bout the Detroit schools plans and the M-STEP.