Lansing to be stop on 250 mile ‘water trail’

Aug 26, 2015

Lansing will be one site of a planned 250-mile "water trail" along the Grand River from Jackson to Grand Haven.
Credit WKAR File Photo

In Lansing we’ve all heard of the River Trail--the 20-mile plus network of paved trails alongside the Grand and Red Cedar rivers.  Thousands of walkers, runners and bikers use it yearly.  

Is it time for a Grand River ‘water trail?’

A number of river and paddling enthusiasts would say ‘yes.’

A water trail offers canoeists and kayakers a more guided paddling experience, with better-marked access points and other amenities.  Proponents say water trails can also generate tourism for communities along its route.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has begun planning the creation of a 250-mile Grand River water trail that would run from Jackson to Grand Haven.

Current State talks with Marc Miller, a regional initiatives deputy working on the project for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.