Lansing City, Township Open to Talks on Waverly Site

Feb 12, 2013

The Lansing City Council has approved putting the former Waverly golf course up for sale.  The focus now moves to how the city and Lansing Township will work together on any future redevelopment. 

The Lansing City Council has authorized putting the former Waverly golf course up for sale.
Credit Courtesy Brandon Howell / MLive Media Group

Lansing mayor Virg Bernero closed the Waverly golf course in 2007 during a tight budget crunch.  The city of Lansing owns the site, but it's physically located in Lansing Township.  Lansing city councilman Brian Jeffries says once the property is sold, the city would receive a one- time lump sum.  However, he's interested in talking with the township about a so-called "425 agreement."

"We would have an ongoing stream of revenue, not just the one time lump sum that would come in on the sale price, but some ongoing tax revenue that's coming in," says Jeffries.  "And I hope that discussion also occurs at the same time."

Lansing Township says it would consider such a tax capture agreement.  However, supervisor Kathy Rogers says the township would not require the city's help in maintaining infrastructure, which is often a characteristic of a 425 agreement.