Lansing council divided as possible Sanctuary City vote approaches

Feb 13, 2017

The Lansing City Council could vote on a proposed Sanctuary City resolution this evening.

Fourth Ward council member Jessica Yorko says she is a supporter. 

“It’s more about asserting local control over local decisions than being bullied by a dictator,” she says.

She’s upset with the Trump administration’s threats to stop federal funding for Sanctuary Cities.

Lansing could lose around $6.5 million.

Meanwhile, first ward council member Jodi Washington opposes, fearing the financial impact.  

“We’re looking at $700 million in liabilities.  We’re looking at a failing infrastructure.  We’re looking at all kinds of financial issues,” she says.

Washington says Lansing’s ‘Welcoming City’ status, its Human Rights Ordinance and non-intrusive policing offer protection to local immigrants and refugees.