Lansing council set to vote on transparency ordinance; sanctuary vote delayed

Feb 27, 2017

The Lansing City Council is set to vote Monday evening whether to alter the bidding process for development projects in the city.

The 'transparency in bidding' proposal would force disclosure of details about developers' plans if they’re in line to receive city tax abatements or other financial perks.

Council President Patricia Spitzley says she supports more transparency but opposes the current measure. 

She says the language is too ambiguous.

“If someone comes and reads the ordinance, they’re not exactly sure, first of all, if it applies to them," she explains. "They’re not exactly sure what is needed. They’re also not exactly sure what are some of the consequences.”

Supporters including council member Carol Wood say the ordinance would incentivize developers to hire more workers from the Lansing area.

Spitzley adds that a proposal declaring Lansing a Sanctuary City will not be on the agenda tonight.

She says the council and city leaders continue discussion of the measure.