Lansing to host inaugural marathon April 22

Jan 12, 2012

Organizers in Lansing are counting down to April, when the city will hold its inaugural marathon.  

The Lansing Marathon will take place April 22 and cover a standard 26.2 mile course.  The race will start outside the Accident Fund Insurance building in downtown Lansing, cross into East Lansing near Michigan State University, turn south to Holt, back into Lansing via Potter Park and end at the Capitol.  Race director Owen Anderson says he's studied marathons in similarly sized communities, and finds they bring strong economic benefits.

"Every dollar of marathon registration generates about $10 of economic activity: spectator spending, buying shoes, equipment and so on," says Anderson.  "And so I thought this could be my small part in adding a positive impact to our economy."

 Anderson says he hopes the city can market itself as an alternative destination for runners who may not want to endure the crowds in Boston, which holds its marathon six days before Lansing.