Lansing Mass Mob fills the pews at struggling Flint parish

Sep 24, 2015

Catholic churches have seen a decline in attendance, and a movement called Mass Mob wants to bring it back up. Mass Mob has made its way from New York to Detroit, and now to mid-Michigan. We speak with co-founder of the Detroit Mass Mob, Thom Mann, and Rudy Haapala, a parishioner of St. Michael Catholic Church in Flint.

With the pope’s visit to the U.S. this week, the state of the Catholic church is on many people’s minds. There has been a decline in church attendance and in the number of people who identify as Catholic in the United States, and Michigan is no exception. In an effort to bring people back to the church, as well as attract new members, a movement called the Mass Mob has taken off in Detroit, and now locally. St. Michael Catholic Church in Flint was the location for the first Lansing Diocese Mass Mob.

Current State talks with Rudy Haapala, a parishioner at St. Michael’s, and Thom Mann, co-founder of Detroit Mass Mob.