Lansing Mayor-Elect Bids House Farewell

Dec 14, 2017

Democrat Andy Schor bid farewell to the state House of Representatives yesterday, as he prepares to serve as mayor of Lansing.

Schor leaves the House after five years, and in remarks to the chamber, he thanked a wide range of colleagues: Democrats and Republicans, his family, staffers and others.

As mayor of Lansing, Schor noted that his city hall office will be across the street from the state capitol building, saying "please know that from time to time, I will look out my window and see that American flag flying over this chamber and know that you are all here working hard, and doing the people's work."

Schor will take the oath of office as mayor in a ceremony at the Lansing Center at 11:30 a.m. on January 1st. The public is invited to attend the ceremony and a reception to follow.