Lansing NAACP Branch Holds Election To Fill Leadership Void

Jun 2, 2017

Following the recent resignations of all of their officers, the Lansing branch of the NAACP will hold a special election on Saturday.

As was first reported by the New Citizens Press newspaper, President Yvonne McConnell says she stepped down to devote more time caring for her elderly mother. The rest of the branch’s remaining officers all resigned shortly after that, for a variety of reasons.

Griffin Rivers is a candidate for President. He says Lansing has a multitude of problems to address. "We have health problems, we have housing problems, we have employment problems, and particularly education problems," Rivers states. "The are the problems that we need to be able to attack, and I'm talking about inclusive, not exclusive. I'm talking about all races and ethnicities."

The special NAACP Lansing branch election will be held tomorrow at the UAW Local 724 Union Hall on Clare Street.