Lansing Names City Hall For Former Mayor Hollister

Aug 14, 2017

Lansing city hall was named in honor of former mayor David Hollister today.

The new David C. Hollister City Hall sign was unveiled in honor of the man who led Lansing from 1994 to 2003. The crowd included his family, friends, former colleagues in government and even former political rivals like Jim Crawford, the man he beat in that first mayoral election.

Hollister expresses humility at the honor. "I tried to exit quietly off the stage when I retired, and keep a somewhat lower profile," he states. "People are very appreciative of five decades of service."

Current Mayor Virg Bernero cited Hollister’s accomplishments, such as bringing minor league baseball to Lansing and starting the Common Ground Music Festival. Bernero also points to Hollister's efforts to keep General Motors in Lansing, which resulted in two new auto plants. "Failure was not an option," Bernero continued, "and his success is perhaps Dave's greatest legacy."

The city is trying to sell the city hall building, but the Hollister name will adorn any future new Lansing city hall.