Lansing Partners With eBay To Increase Online Reach Of Local Businesses

Aug 10, 2018

The City of Lansing has teamed up with online retailer eBay on a program aimed at increasing the online reach of local businesses.

The 12-month long partnership called Retail Revival was announced by Mayor Andy Schor today. The program will provide resources like training and a dedicated landing page on - where online customers can browse and purchase merchandise from various brick & mortar stores around the city.

Mayor Schor said the success of the program won’t just benefit local businesses, but the city itself.

“As they grow, it grows the city. It helps us with revenue that we can put towards roads, and police and fire and parks and other things. This is growing Lansing.” Schor said.

Lansing is the second city to participate in Retail Revival after Akron, Ohio. Scott Cutler is Senior Vice President of Americas at eBay. He said he expects to see strong adoption of the program in Lansing based on the success seen in Akron.

“Those businesses in just the five months have sold thousands of items on eBay, and have reached customers in all 50 states and over 51 countries.”  Cutler said.

Local businesses can apply to the program starting today. For more information visit