Lansing School Board Approves Reorganization Plan

Mar 22, 2012

With an 8-1 vote, the Lansing Board of Education has approved an ambitious re-organization plan that closes some schools and converts others to fulfill new missions.

The "Bold Changes-Smarter Schools" plan converts 12 schools into Pre-K through 3rd grade centers. Interim superintendent Caamal Canul says the idea is to emphasize early learning.

"There's a lot of emphasis around the state, around the nation," Caamal Canul says, "a lot of research that supports the importance of early learning, learning how to read before you leave the 3rd grade, in order to move forward."

Under the plan, Otto Middle School would close; Elmhurst Elementary and the Wainwright Law and Government Magnet Program would close; and Bingham Elementary would be mothballed for future consideration.

There would be five 4th through 6th grade centers.

Lansing's three high schools would all remain open and convert to 7th through 12th grade campuses.