Lansing Teen Receives Delayed Sentence in Murder Case

Apr 13, 2012

An Ingham County judge has issued a delayed sentence against a Lansing teen convicted of a 2010 murder.

Charles Lewis, Junior was 13 when he acted as a co-conspirator in the murder of 19-year-old Shayla Johnson.  Judge George Economy issued a delayed sentence, ordering Lewis to probation and treatment at the W.J. Maxey Boys Training School.  The judge chose not to exercise his option to impose life without parole.  In his remarks, Economy warned Lewis to avoid behavioral “bumps” and “potholes.”

“If you do something that’s a bump, I can sit there and say, OK, I can understand that," Economy said.  "If you hit a pothole, then you need to know the moment you hit that pothole that I will strongly consider placing you in prison for the rest of your life without chance of parole.”

Judge Economy will review Lewis’ case annually, and will make a full determination when he turns 21.  Lewis’ behavior will determine whether Economy releases him from probation or imposes prison.