Lawyer, Flint client detail case against Gov over state funding of legal fees

Oct 13, 2016

A Flint family is pursuing a grand jury investigation into Gov. Rick Snyder, alleging misconduct. They claim thata he's breaking the law by spending taxpayer money to defend himself against legal challenges relating to the Flint Water crisis. We talk with complainant Keri Webber of Flint and her attorney, Mark Brewer.

More legal action has been announced relating to the Flint water crisis, this time involving Gov. Rick Snyder. Southfield Attorney Mark Brewer announced yesterday he’s representing a Flint family in an action against the Governor.

Brewer and his client, Keri Webber, allege the Governor’s breaking the law by paying his legal fees with public revenue. Webber says lead in their water triggered a series of serious health problems in her family. The complaint asks Ingham County judges to appoint a one-person grand jury to consider the charges.

A Snyder spokesperson has said the use of taxpayer dollars is legal since the charges involve his role as a publicly elected official.

To learn more, we talk with attorney Mark Brewer and Keri Webber.