Live Music Friday: Brendan Doherty

Aug 26, 2016

Our Live Music Friday guest is Brendan Doherty, an Irish singer-guitarist songwriter now living in East Lansing. His new album is called “Feels Like Home.”

It’s a Live Music Friday on Current State, and today, we welcome Brendan Doherty back to the show. He played for us in April of last year, and he’s back now to support his new CD “Feels Like Home.”

Doherty is an Irish singer-guitarist-songwriter who was new to the United States back then. He came to America with his wife, Caitlin Doherty, the curator at the Broad Art Museum.

While calling the USA home now, Brendan travels the world to perform, and he’s instrumental in a venture putting together musical tours of Ireland, Tailor Made Irish Music Tours.