Live Music Friday: Doug Mains and the City Folk

Apr 29, 2016

Our Live Music Friday guests are Doug Mains and Josh Michels of Doug Mains and the City Folk. The group is coming off a lengthy hiatus with a Lansing concert and a new album, “These Broken Members,” in May.

Doug Mains of the Americana group Doug Mains and the City Folk is our Live Music Friday guest today. We don’t have the full band here, but Doug is joined in WKAR’s Studio S by Josh Michels, who plays cello in the group.

On May 14th, you can see Doug Mains and the City Folk perform at The Loft in Lansing. At the show, they’ll release their new album “These Broken Members.” It will be an all-ages show, with Nashville artist Sarah Lou Richards and the Lansing group Gifts Or Creatures also on the bill.

We talk with Doug Mains and Josh Michels, and they perform "Stones Awakening" and "Letters."