Jul 31, 2015

Current State's Live Music Friday guest this week is Fawn Larson, a Americana-alt country-indie rock singer out Lafayette Louisiana now working of Nashville.

Our Live Music Friday guest today is Fawn Larson. She describes herself as an Americana-alt country-indie rock singer. Last night, she performed at Mac’s Bar in Lansing. Tonight, you can see her at the Midtown Brewing Company in Lansing. We’re glad to have her here between these two Lansing gigs.

Current State talks with Fawn Larson about her career and her new CD “The Sway.” She also performs "Allons à Paris" and the title song from "The Sway" live from WKAR's Studio S.


What’s it like working in Nashville?

I’m gigging as much as I can. It’s really fun playing out there and you meet great people. It’s a thriving scene obviously and I’m doing some recording as well. I recorded my album in Louisiana -- my full-length album that I’m promoting right now. I am doing some recording on the side, just working. I do a little country writing, that’s just the thing that everyone does…there. I don’t call myself a country artist by any means but I’m interested to push my limits a bit and experiment with it and see what happens.

How did you get into having some of your music on movie soundtracks?

They’re calling Louisiana “Hollywood South” these days. I have a friend who’s involved in the industry and he just happened to know the producer for Black Beauty and they needed some music. So he suggested send your songs and of course, I sent all of the songs I could possibly send. And then sure enough he gets back to me and he says, “We want to use two of them.” So I was thrilled. That’s out on Redbox now. I just was able to watch it.

You sometimes sing in Spanish and French as well as English. Does singing in other languages bring something else to your music?

Yeah, definitely, and it also feels a little coded. You know maybe I can say certain things. I’m sure there are people out there who would understand of course but it feels like I’m writing in my secret language. I can say whatever I want and maybe people won’t really understand it. But I end up writing nothing that I wouldn’t want people to understand anyway.