Live Music Friday: Peter Harper and Will Rideout

Apr 1, 2016

Our Live Music Friday guest is Peter Harper of Harper and Midwest Kind. The band will perform at The Robin Theatre in Lansing Saturday night to release a new CD, “Show Your Love.”

Our Live Music Friday guest today is Peter Harper, leader of the group Harper and Midwest Kind. You may have seen the group on WKAR-TV’s “Backstage Pass” program in 2015. The band will release a new CD called “Show Your Love” at shows in Ann Arbor tonight and in Lansing on Saturday. Harper sings and plays the harmonica and the didgeridoo.

It’s a big group, bigger than we could fit into Studio S here at WKAR, so Peter is accompanied today by Will Rideout on guitar and vocals.

Peter Harper performs "Let's Move" with bandmate Will Rideout.