Living with a severe mental illness: One Lansing woman's story

May 29, 2014

Despite her severe mental illness, Lansing resident Jerri Nicole Wright has a part-time job, owns a home, and has been married for 20 years.
Credit WKAR/Joe Linstroth

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and to commemorate, Current State’s Joe Linstroth speaks with longtime Lansing resident Jerri Nicole Wright about what it’s like to live with a severe and persistent mental illness.

Jerri Nicole suffers from borderline personality disorder, which is a mental illness characterized by wide mood swings, impulsive behavior and unstable relationships. She’s had it most of her life, but she’s worked extremely hard to keep the illness from taking over her daily routine. She has a job, has been sober for 24 years, is a member of Charter House, a clubhouse for mentally ill adults in Lansing, and has been married for two decades.

But as you’ll hear from her compelling story, getting to this point in her life hasn’t been easy.