Local firefighters train for difficult rescues

Sep 18, 2014

A number of firefighting crews have been camped out along a main road at Michigan State University for the last couple of days. They’ve been taking part in an annual training exercise to learn how to rescue victims trapped in confined spaces. Current State’s Kevin Lavery reports that it turns out MSU has an ideal spot for this type of instruction.

Thousands of people in this community drive along Farm Lane near the intersection of Trowbridge Road. There’s a railroad bridge there, and the road beneath is in a fairly low lying area at that spot. Right next to that bridge is an enormous circular concrete pad with some steel hatches on it. It’s a pump house that’s designed to remove rainwater that might flood the road under the bridge. It’s about 30 feet underground, and obviously people have to operate and maintain the machinery down there. It’s dark, it’s cramped, and it’s not the kind of place where you want to find yourself stuck.