Love from our Listeners!

Jul 12, 2012

We love getting feedback from you, whether it is on in the comments section, through letters, calls to Carolopedia or on our Facebook pages.

Recently 90.5 Classical host Mark Schwitzgoebel received a letter from a woman in New York City who listens to the WKAR Classical stream.

Dear Mark,

I just had the urge to write somebody and thank them for streaming WKAR. I listen to it here in New York city. I do that because my Mom’s radio in her nursing home in Okemos is tuned in every day to WKAR. She is 96 and it is a deep form of comfort to me to know we are listening to the same music all day together. It makes me feel close to her, even when I am miles away. This may be a bit of a unique use of streaming, but I bet you collect lots of stories like mine. Your efforts really matter to me.

My best to you, Gina Bria

Thanks, Gina, and to all of you who keep in touch with WKAR! We're glad to be there for you and all those around the world who listen to WKAR.