Lt. Gov. Calley's Tues. Announcement May "Not" Be for Governor

May 29, 2017

A ballyhoo announcement scheduled for May 30, 2017 by Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley may not be what many are expecting. 

A few weeks ago, Lt. Governor Brian Calley debuted a website featuring videos of his family and his accomplishments in the legislature. Each ended with the date 5.30.17.

With Governor Rick Snyder unable to run again because of term limits, many believe Lt. Gov. Calley would jump into the Governor's race on May 30. 

But WKAR "Off The Record" host Tim Skubick reported that may not be the case. Skubick reported on WLNS-TV on Friday night that Lt. Gov. Calley will instead push for a part-time state legislature.

“It’s a populist issue and he’s trying to tap into the very anti-government sentiment that Donald Trump so successfully tapped into when he ran for President," Skubick reported on WLNS-TV.

Lt. Gov. Calley's announcement is scheduled for Tuesday at 3:15 p.m. at the Village Inn on Mackinac Island. It comes on the start of the Mackinac Policy Conference. 

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