Marijuana Ballot Group Readies Itself For Opposition

Jun 11, 2018

November is months away. But the group that put recreational marijuana use on the general election ballot is already planning how to convince voters to mark ‘yes.’

Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is getting some outside help.

Josh Hovey is a spokesperson for the Coalition. He appeared on WKAR’s Off the Record.

“We want to figure out what do people need to hear and what are they concerned about and make sure we’re addressing those concerns.” Hovey says.

Hovey says they’re working with an organization that has helped other states successfully legalize recreational marijuana use. Hovey says they expect opposition to their measure, so they’re trying to raise millions of dollars to get the word out about why legalization is right for Michigan. That includes teaching people about what the measure includes. The proposal would regulate marijuana like alcohol.

The Legislature let the deadline for voting on the measure lapse, officially sending the measure to the ballot last week.