Mason clinic treats brain injured veterans under VA pilot program

Nov 11, 2015

On this Veterans Day, we visit a brain injury clinic in mid-Michigan that offers assisted living services to veterans with traumatic brain injuries.

It’s a natural human instinct to protect our head. Even in ancient times, soldiers knew the value of shielding the brain with strong helmet. Just look at the ubiquitous Michigan State University Spartan logo. But over the last decade, there’s been significantly more awareness about traumatic brain injury, whether it’s suffered in battle or on an athletic field.

TBI has been called the “signature wound” of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One mid-Michigan rehab clinic is part of a national program to help veterans with TBI.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery visits the Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center near Mason. Origami is one of 20 facilities in the country working with the VA to provide assisted living services to TBI veterans.