Medical Marijuana Advocates Decry State Removal Of Children

Sep 17, 2013

Medical Marijuana advocates are blasting the state for removing children from the homes of licensed patients and caregivers.

Steve and Maria Green of Lansing say they did nothing illegal or to warrant the removal of their daughter, Bree (6 months).
Credit Jake Neher MPRN

Groups rallied in Lansing Tuesday urging state officials to return six-month-old Bree Green to her family.

We have more from the Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher.

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Bree’s father, Steve Green, is a medical marijuana patient and an outspoken advocate. Her mother is a state-licensed medical marijuana caregiver.

Maria Green hopes the Michigan Department of Human Services will return her daughter without putting her family through a lengthy court battle.

“I’m hoping that they understand that a law has been broken by them and that they take the necessary steps to fix it,” she says.

Activists say the state has targeted a number of families since Michigan voters approved the legal use of medical marijuana in 2008.

The Department of Human Services says in any child protection case, it considers how prescription or non-prescription drug use is affecting children in the household.