MI bachelor party puppy rescue gains national attention

Nov 2, 2016

Dave Perkins and his puppy Daisy
Credit Dave Perkins

A bachelor party of Michigan guys went to Tennessee for a few days, and they all came back with some unanticipated love: they all brought home a puppy! Current State talks with one of the groomsmen who adopted the dog and puppies they found in the wilderness, Dave Perkins.

About a month ago, a group of guys from Michigan went to Tennessee for a few days. The reason for the trip was a bachelor party of four-wheeling fun.

The trip took a turn over breakfast one morning when a dog appeared at their cabin. She was really hungry, so they fed her, and ultimately, the group figured out that the dog was struggling with a litter of puppies in the wilderness. What happened next has brought news media attention all over America. Each of the guys adopted one of the puppies, and the mama dog also has found a home here in Michigan.

Current State talks about this hearwarming story with Dave Perkins, one of the groomsmen from this group of friends. He’s named his puppy Daisy.