MI farmers criticize EPA water rule as federal overreach

Jun 3, 2015

Some Michigan farmers are concerned that new EPA water regulations could add red tape and hurdles to their business.
Credit Wikimedia commons
Many Michigan farmers are wrapping up their spring planting this month.  But this season, there’s a cloud hanging overhead...and it’s not bringing nourishing rain.  It is, however, all about water.   Last week, the U-S Environmental Protection Agency issued its final rule on what it calls the “Waters of the United States.”  The action expands the EPA’s jurisdiction over more waterways protected by the Clean Water Act.   The agency says the action is necessary to keep the nation’s waters clean.  But property owners, including farmers, say the EPA is overstepping its authority and threatening their operations. Current State speaks with Laura Campbell, the Agricultural Ecology department manager with the Michigan Farm Bureau about why the new water rule is so problematic for farmers.