MI Film Office director weighs in on subsidy fight

Mar 12, 2015

Michigan Film Office Director Jenell Leonard (right), with Current State host Mark Bashore.
Credit Scott Pohl/WKAR

Many Republicans in Lansing are calling for an end to film industry subsidies. They say the program hasn’t been effective in creating jobs in Michigan, and the money would be better spent elsewhere. For instance, eliminating the subsidies is one idea being considered as an alternative to the plan going before voters in May that would increase the state sales tax to raise money for road repairs. Yesterday, the state House approved a bill eliminating the video industry tax incentives in October.

Backers of the film production subsidies say the incentives would work better if the uncertainty of their future was cleared up. They argue that good jobs can be the result in Michigan.

Current State speaks with Jenell Leonard of DeWitt, the new director of the Michigan Film Office.