MI Senate sends prevailing wage repeal to House

May 15, 2015

State Sen. Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake) chairs the committee that sent the prevailing wage repeal to the full Senate.
Credit http://www.senatormikeshirkey.com/

People who build schools and other public infrastructure projects in Michigan might soon see a lighter paycheck. Yesterday, the Michigan Senate voted to repeal the state’s prevailing wage law. That provision mandates that wages paid in state government contracts are based on collective bargain agreements.

Senate Republicans say eliminating the prevailing wage will make bidding easier and save taxpayer dollars.  But opponents argue the cut seriously diminshes a worker’s quality of life. The prevailing wage repeal now moves to the Michigan House, where it faces an uncertain path.

Current State talks with state Senate Republican Mike Shirkey of Clarklake. He’s the chair of the Senate Michigan Competitiveness Committee, which passed the prevailing wage repeal package onto the full Senate. We also speak with Mike Stobak, vice president of Barton-Malow, a Michigan company that has built dozens of schools around Michigan. He opposes the legislation.