MI Supreme Court Orders Three Questions onto Ballot

Sep 5, 2012

The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered three additional questions onto the statewide November ballot. But it blocked a proposal to allow eight new non-tribal casinos.

The Supreme Court said the casino expansion campaign never disclosed its proposal would up-end Michigan’s liquor control authority. The ballot campaign says it will try again later. 

The court rejected challenges to other proposals – including one to guarantee collective bargaining rights in the state constitution and preempt passage of a right-to-work law.

Dan Lijana is with the union rights campaign.

“First and foremost, collective bargaining is a basic right and folks deserve an opportunity to vote on this in November.”

The Supreme Court also approved for the ballot proposals to require super-majorities for the Legislature to raise taxes, and a public vote before the state could construct any new international bridge to Canada.

That would bring to six the total number of questions facing Michigan voters on the statewide November ballot.